Elia Green

Elia Green

I began my yoga journey in the 1990’s when I was singing and touring regularly in the USA. Irregular schedules played havoc with my body and mind and yoga helped me manage both of these, and gave me a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

I soon found myself drawn to a more regular practice and committed to regular classes with Senior Iyengar teacher Peter Thomson. After ten years of regular practice, I began teacher training at Glebe Yoga School, and at the Sydney Yoga Space.

I moved to The Central Coast in 2005 to bring up my son in a place surrounded by nature. In 2014 I started teaching at Umina Beach Yoga and in 2019 opened the doors to Woy Woy Yoga Space. After training with Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Linda Apps i received my Iyengar Certification.

I am grateful to my teachers and the practice of Yoga. My regular yoga practise helps me to understand who I really am and gives me a sense of wholeness. My goal is to share this with my students, and make yoga accessible to everybody.

Genevieve Tilley

Genevieve Tilley

Genevieve started her yoga journey 2011. After receiving her Diploma of Yoga Teaching 460 hrs with IYTA she went on to do the Foundation, Advanced and Yoga Therapy course for children (70 hrs) with Lorraine Rushton and is currently a teacher trainee with Senior Iyengar Teacher Amanda Hood.

Genevieve’s passion is to encourage her students to connect with their own inner stillness and wisdom through yoga and meditation. 

When she is not on her mat she enjoys reading, swimming in the ocean and spending time with her husband and three children.

Michael has been practicing yoga for over 50 years after first discovering it as a 15 year old from Richard Hittleman’s TV series on British TV in the early 70’s.   For many years his practice was self-taught, mainly  from books with little opportunity to attend classes in his local aera. 

Michael moved to Sydney in the late 80’s and had the opportunity to  practice in the Yoga in the Iyengar method, a more physically intense practice with emphasis on correct body alignment and regularly practiced with senior teachers Alan Goode, Lulu Bull and Pixie Lilias, attending two years of teacher training with Pixie around 2000. 

About this time Michael moved to the Central Coast for a healthier lifestyle and concentrated on his own home yoga practice as there were no local Iyengar schools at the time.  In 2017 Michael discovered Elia’s school and restarted classes and in 2019 recommenced teacher training with senior teacher Linda Apps in Dulwich Hill.

When not practicing yoga he enjoys reading, painting, chess, gardening and working as a designer of environmentally sustainable homes.

Michael believes yoga is the way to integrate all aspects of life and maintain health and fitness over a lifetime and wants to help others discover and follow their own path to health and happiness.

Gail James

Gail started practicing hatha yoga 40+ years ago.  She is a full teaching member of the IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Assoc) and an accredited teacher with the Yoga for Health Foundation (UK) and trained as a Relaxation and Stress Management facilitator.

Gail has had many years extensive teaching experience and offers a yoga practice to suit the student as she understands that everyone’s needs are different.

With her gentle approach, she is able to convey the yoga teachings so they can be applied as everyday living skills and bring balance and harmony to the student.

Gail’s study of the philosophy and culture of yoga has taken her to many countries, including India and The USA.